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Milieu / Holistic Therapy

Milieu and Holistic Therapy in San Jose, California & Surrounding Areas

Milieu and Holistic Therapy

A Safe Place for You To Be You

Distance from bad influences, negative triggers and unhealthy situations is one of the most helpful elements of a successful recovery. That’s why The Lakes Treatment Center creates a safe, secure atmosphere for you to relax, rest and be yourself without the pressures of your home environment. Choosing our retreat allows you to avoid self-destructive behaviors. We provide the space you need to focus on your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Rest. Rejuvenation. Renewal

Our milieu therapy and holistic approach not only provide a haven from the pressures of everyday life, but they also offer activities that promote healthy lifestyle habits. You will be free to get involved with many fun individual or group events.


Calming your thoughts and exercising a quiet mind is important for everyone. Meditation helps you manage stress and get the rest and relaxation you need on a daily basis. We help you practice silence and self-control that influence brain chemistry and reduce cravings.


Yoga combines the mental benefits of meditation with the physical benefits of exercise to promote overall wellness. You can choose to strengthen your body and mind together. Our professional instructors lead refreshing regimens.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy

Exercise is a great way to reduce depression and anxiety. Regular exercise, including jogging, sports, weightlifting and more, keeps your body strong while releasing chemicals in your brain that help you feel happier and more relaxed.


When experiencing the withdrawals and symptoms of your body’s detox, nutrition is essential. Moreover, diet affects mental and physical cravings. Our nutritionist works with you and your doctors to ensure you enjoy proper nutritional care.
art class

Art Classes

Art classes provide a therapeutic release for those fighting addiction. We offer a wide variety of art programs including drawing, painting and ceramics. Our team helps you use artwork as a release for your emotions.
Creative Development

Creative Development

Creative development programs allow your creative instincts to carry away some of the pain and struggle of addiction recovery. This type of therapy can include art but often focuses on other creative outlets such as writing, poetry and more.
Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy

Very often, addiction isolates your mind from healthy recreational activities with others. We provide a safe setting for you to enjoy activities such as hiking, wake boarding, swimming, beach volleyball and more. Recreation allows you to release energy and emotion.