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Detox Program

Our Caring Detox Program serving San Jose, California & Surrounding Areas

Addiction recovery

Keeping You Safe and Motivated

Your withdrawal symptoms can be effectively addressed with professional care. Our personalized detox program leads to a shorter, more comfortable experience for you. Most importantly, our attention to your physical, emotional and mental health leads to a higher success rate. With our support, you will remain safe and motivated during this vital step of recovery.

You Deserve the Best Treatments

Drug and alcohol addiction recovery can be tough. However, our experience has proven that this is a goal that you can achieve. We provide you with the resources, support and therapies you need to make a determined effort to succeed. Our programs are tailored to you and your unique circumstances. Imagine your life free from substance abuse. We will help you get there.

Detox With Professional Support

Medical detoxification separates you from dependency on addicting substances in a safe and methodical manner. Our professional support provides you with the assistance you need to stop using harmful drugs or alcohol. With around-the-clock medical professionals on-site, we are prepared to offer you expert care and emergency service as needed.

Risks of At-Home Detoxing

Detoxing without the care of trained professionals can delay your recovery, prevent you from receiving immediate medical assistance as needed and even lead to emergency situations. It is safer and more efficient to seek professional support during this time. The Lakes Treatment Center is one of the largest treatment facilities in the area. With us, there are no long waiting lists, so you can get the high-quality and reliable help as soon as you need it.

Our Holistic Approach

Our programs do not just treat the physical symptoms of your substance addiction. At The Lakes Treatment Center, we offer holistic plans to address your physical, mental and emotional needs as well. From meditation and art to recreation and friendships, our facility provides you with a truly special setting that makes your recovery as quick and as stress-free as possible.

Start Your Recovery Today

Achieving control over your life begins today. Let us help you continue on your path to healthy recovery. Contact our office to find out more about our programs and financing options. When you and your family are ready for you to end your substance addiction, The Lakes Treatment Center is here to give you the support you need.