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We’ve Dedicated Our Lives to You

We have dedicated our lives to helping people just like you. We’ve felt your pain first-hand and we’ll help you find the relief you need. We believe in you and won’t stop working until you build a life you can believe in too.

Our History

The Lakes Treatment Center, founded by Bernadette Cattaneo, opened its doors in 2015. No stranger to addiction, Bernadette watched the disease plague an entire generation of her family in her youth and then return to grip two of her own children.

While her sons were in treatment, Bernadette found that the addiction treatment industry frequently failed because of its lack of long-term recovery options and true commitment to those working toward sobriety. She opened The Lakes Treatment Center on Lake Tulloch in Calaveras County, California to fill that gap. Bernadette’s calling is The Lakes Treatment Center and the people it exists to revive—not profits.

Today, The Lakes Treatment Center provides long-term, flexible addiction recovery programs that treat residents with respect and patience. Residents are encouraged to commit to their treatment rather than dismissed for first-time infractions, increasing their engagement with the program and improving their success rate.

The Lakes Treatment Center - mallard duck

What Our Mallard Ducks Will Mean to You

From a young age, Bernadette has had a deep love for nurturing those around her. To express her passion for all living things, she began raising mallard ducks. The journey of a duck’s life is an inspiring one, and it all starts with a single egg.

She incubates the egg, gently turning it and caring for it for 28 days until its resident is ready to reveal itself to the world. Each duck is a part of our family here at The Lakes, and they live on our beach where they bring joy to the residents and staff alike.

Bernadette loves and cares for each duck throughout its life journey, just as she loves and cares for each one of our residents throughout their recovery journey. If in just 28 days a life can be created, imagine what 90 days could do for you.

We Believe In You

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