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12-Step Program Option

Addiction Recovery in San Jose, California & Surrounding Areas

12-step program

Comprehensive Care Plan

Participating in a 12-step recovery program helps your lasting recovery. We provide transportation and companionship as you attend your meetings.

The 12 Steps Explained

Although 12-step programs are referenced frequently, few people actually know what those 12 steps entail. Let’s take a brief look at each step individually.

Step 1

Admit that you can no longer control your drug or alcohol use. It now has power over you, and your life has been negatively impacted as a result.

Step 2

Come to understand that a greater power can redeem and restore us. Realize that we can receive help to become better.

Step 3

After realizing that there is a higher power that can help you achieve a better life, become willing to turn your life over to that power.                 .

Step 4

Take an inventory of yourself. This can be hard and painful, but it’s important to recognize your past actions and mistakes.

Step 5

Once you’ve identified those wrongdoings, admit them. Step 5 requires that you admit those wrongs to yourself, to a higher power and to another person (usually a sponsor).

Step 6

After admitting the things you’ve done wrong, you’ll feel ready to be rid of them. Become ready to have that higher power remove your faults.

Step 7

Once you’ve accepted that you can and need to be changed, humbly ask that higher power to remove your faults and help you overcome your weaknesses.

Step 8

Make a list of the people who have been harmed or wronged in some way by your actions. Be willing to make amends with them.

Step 9

Do your best to make amends with those people. In some cases, making amends may not be possible.

Step 10

Continue to regularly take a personal inventory of your faults and wrongdoings and admit those mistakes.

Step 11

Commit to some type of spiritual practice. This can be prayer, scripture study or meditation. Choose something that keeps you connected to that higher power.

Step 12

Pay it forward. Once you’ve achieved lasting recovery, help others to overcome their addictions.