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Personalized Rehabilitation Service Serving San Jose, California and Surrounding Areas

Proven Addiction Recovery

The Lakes Treatment Center is a private drug and alcohol addiction and dual diagnosis treatment facility. We are located on Lake Tulloch in the breathtaking foothills of Northern California’s Sierra Nevada.
Our secluded location gives you healthy distance from the pressures and habits of your everyday life. Moreover, our long-term, holistic plans are tailored to you. We ensure that you advance in your recovery.

Your Life Is Worth It

We believe that recovery is possible for you. When other programs give up, we dig in our heels and work harder. In addition to our individual and group therapies, we embrace holistic treatments, such as meditation, yoga, exercise, nutrition, art and recreation.
With our support, you will lower stress levels, increase problem-solving skills, improve your communication ability and learn new ways to express yourself in a healthy, sustainable manner. Our unique plans help people like you succeed where other programs have failed.
Our luxurious beachside treatment center is 46,000 square feet of comfort. At The Lakes Treatment Center, we want you to feel at home during your stay. That’s why we offer semi-private suites, private bathrooms and healthy activities all day long. Our facility features a pool and is run by exceptional staff. At The Lakes Treatment Center, you’ll enjoy healthy meals and barbecues, beach time, boating, kayaking, fitness classes and much more. Come explore our facility.

Scientific Treatments

We base everything we do on scientifically tested and proven methods. With our help, you will learn to manage cravings and defeat the power of your substance or alcohol addiction. We offer a wide array of options to fit every personality and circumstance. Treatments include individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive process group therapy, relapse prevention, psychotherapy, milieu therapy and 12-step program support.

Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate

Our luxurious beachfront treatment center is 46,000 square feet of spacious accommodations. At The Lakes Treatment Center, we want you to feel at home during your stay.
Our facility features a pool, dining room, group rooms, recreation room, art room, sand volleyball area, fitness room and outdoor living spaces. At The Lakes Treatment Center, you will enjoy barbecues, wake surfing, boating, kayaking, hiking and much more.

Insurance and Financing Options

You deserve a high-quality treatment experience for an affordable price. Unlike other recovery facilities, we accept most insurance policies. Moreover, we will work with you to create a financing plan that works best for you and your family. Learn more by calling us today.